When in China, walking around… and you feel like a circus monkey!

“Back home in lovely and sunny Brazil, my home country, which I must admit that I was missing a lot. After an unforgettable season in Europe, I turn to my roots. The fashion world is incredible and unique; we can meet amazing people, get to know new places (when we have the time…), trying different foods, living amazing experiences… and at times some unpleasant ones (that’s life!).

I wanted to share some funny stories with all of you about my first trip to China. I arrived in a small city called Chengdu, which is known for having the most spicy cuisine in the country. That’s where I had a culture shock. I was eating all right but I never knew for sure what it was… so most of the time Mc Donald’s or another fast food was my salvation. See, the problem is that I really love eating…

Ok, getting to really fun part of the story. Try and visualize a small town where people are not used to seeing many foreigners. When they saw someone who did not have slanted eyes and super average height it turned into a major tourist attraction – the animal in a zoo kind of tourist attraction. One day my roommates and I were going to a casting with our bookers, but we arrived early and we decided to stop at a plaza to pass some time. In less than 5 minutes we were surrounded by many Chinese people. You can imagine what came next… Picture time!! They were going picture crazy on us, selfies, videos, the whole routine. All of us were having so much fun about the whole situation! We were feeling like stars (for sure I was feeling much more like a circus monkey!).

If you are going or you want to go to China I have 2 advices for you: first, take a suitcase with higher amounts of favorite foods from your country. Second, if you have an Arab style headdress do not forget it at home, you will make good use of it to hide from camera frenzies. What about clothes? You’ll buy a lot! The currency is devalued and there are so many options of cheap shops, you’ll definitely like this part…”


Author: Camila Scopel

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