The blog “Models Life” is born: the life of models as they themselves see it

When we read stories of models we’re used to hear those fairytale versions that concern world renowned vip models. The perfect lives of top models that lend their image to important brands for their fabulous fashion campaigns, or glitzy fashion shows… But this is not at all the life of thousands of models that we run upon while walking the streets of fashion capitals around the world. Modeling is tough even if the uninitiated in the field might believe that starting a career as a model is like winning the lottery for a young and pretty girl. Starting from today Models Corner will start revealing the other side of the coin. Models Corner is a Milan-based exclusive club reserved to the models of top agencies. So now you’ll know that a model’s life is very different from what you might have imagined. We’ll have first hand stories told by models who dream one day to see their face on one of their favorite brand campaign or to open the show for those top international designers. But the road is long and those who make it to the top are really, truly, very few.

Models Corner will tell the true story, revealing all facets. True stories that may very well be funny put us in the shoes of these girls who are chasing their dream here in Milan or who or just working for a living. We’ll tell you about model apartments, the houses that the girls most likely will share during their stay in Milan and other cities around the world while traveling for modeling jobs. We’ll let you in on what happens at castings, standing in the never-ending lines, the excitement that comes when they get chosen from a whole lot of girls… And we’ll also tell you about their private lives, what their diet is, how they train and why not about the parties they go to whenever they wanna have fun. You’ll also get scoops on other key people of the fashion industry like photographers, make-up artist, hair stylists and of course the bookers – who are the ones responsible for managing the image and jobs of the models on behalf of the agency.

Being a model is a real job and like all other jobs, in order to succeed, you need dedication, sacrifices and a natural predisposition for it… other than a big dose if luck which is always welcomed. A model is a girl with a set of determined physical characteristics: a certain proportion is needed between height and the three main measurements (hips, waist and chest) and of course an “interesting” look is a must – this shouldn’t be intended as beautiful is an absolute way. And while we’re at it, let’s clarify another famous myth: “in order to be a model you have to starve… Models are all thin, too thin”.

Models eat and how! They eat (or should eat) healthy and train on a regular basis. But… we’ll see in our funny stories that it’s not always like that. Ultimately models usually have a natural tendency not to gain weight which surely helps.

With this post we start our journey in the complicated life of models and we’re sure there will be a lot to find out… sometimes with a smile on our faces and sometimes with a more profound reflection.

Welcome and good-luck to our blog “Models Life”!


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