Interview with Vanessa Ferraro: model and lingerie designer

Being a model… and not only! The fashion world has so many facets and with a bit of fantasy and will (and some luck!) one can use their vision and knowledge for other professional activities that can bring much fulfillment.

We sat down for a coffee with Vanessa Ferraro, a 24-year old model from Colombia. We found out that she walked for many designers all around the globe and very recently she decided to contribute as designer for a Colombian lingerie brand. They’ve offered her a very flattery proposition because now her name is associated with the main brand and she’s recognized as the co-creator of the line, “Tulipan by Vanessa Ferraro”. As you can imagine, Vanessa is the perfect representation of the classical South-American beauty: tall and slim, dark haired, with an intense look which exudes sensuality, a look that most often is hidden by large dark sunglasses. A very positive and likeable personality, she enjoys talking can definitely make you feel at easy when she puts on that solar smile of hers.

Vanessa, we’re sure that this is a great achievement for you. Tell us a bit more about how this collaboration started?

“A great experience! I began the talks with Tulipan last year when they proposed for me to draw a new lingerie line for them and to use my name for launching the collection. Of course I accepted! Mind you, I am not a stylist or designer and I had never done anything similar before. So I immediately got to work and put my energy into creating the collection together with the talented Tulipan stylist. It went a bit like this: I sent over my sketches and ideas and they transformed it all into products. After 6 months the collection was ready to launch!

Besides leaving your personal touch on Tulipan’s new line you also posed as a model for the catalogue. How did it feel like to wear your own creations?

“A unique experience indeed. The pieces of lingerie that I’ve imagined months before and helped design day by day were “coming to life” and I was the protagonist of it all. The photo shoot for the campaign was very different compared to others I had done in the past. I have to admit that being able to wear my own creation was exhilarating”:

How is business going? Other than the joy of contributing to your first collection, is the market also favorable?

“Definitely yes! The products were really well received by the customers and sales are steady. I’m already discussing with Tulipan the possibility to collaborate again for the creation of next season’s collection. Also my friends keep asking for me to place orders for them, they really seem to like it a lot… but unfortunately I don’t have the products with me so I can’t make everybody happy [she said with a cute laugh… and with a hint of pride]

 Tell us a bit about your main occupation, that is modeling. How did you star and what pleasant memories do you have related to the fashion world?

“I started by pure chance, just like many other girls that work in the fashion industry. I was 16  years old at the time and I was walking around Cartagena, Colombia, when someone came up to me and suggested that I should go into modeling. I’ve never gave it any thought before but it sounded like fun and a good opportunity for the future. So I took the business card of this person and then got back to him. I started to do some photo shoots, I found an agency and in Bogota I participated at Elite Model Look Colombia and won. I also travelled to Istanbul in 2012 to be part of Best Model of the world Colombia. From then on my career exploded and I was getting more jobs in Colombia and all over South American. Then I moved to New York where I got to walk for famous designers during several NY Fashion Week editions. In June 2015 I moved to Italy, Milano and  I fell in love with the country and this city, which is really amazing. Here I feel at home and I think it’s perfect work-wise and personal life included… so I plan to stick around some more”.

Speaking of private life… Italian love story? [she burst into a laugh and with great ability she returned my question] “Shall we talk some more about fashion?

The best of luck to Vanessa!


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