How the “typical” day in the life of a model starts

So back to talking about castings… The nightmare that can suddenly transform into blissful and absolute joy for any model. The job interview. It’s here that it all begins. Although it’s tricky to make accurate predictions, let’s say that in average a model will get 1 job after having done from 20 to 30 castings. That’s why the first rule of the game is… be patient, very patient and … never give up!

The average casting day of a model begins like this: wake-up early, have an abundant breakfast (this is a must because it has to last all through the day), prepare the bag with all items needed to face a full day out in the city. As soon as you step out you know that you’ll be facing a long day, running from one place to another, hoping that everything goes well and no unpleasant surprises arise. A model’s typical bag can vary in size from regular compact backpack to big size suitcases and you can really find in it all that you want and more, really. You have plasters in case blisters occur, a pair of heels, hairspray and perfume… a fresh dash of perfume doesn’t hurt before a casting and we could go on.

It’s important to know that modeling jobs are seasonal: there are moments in which there are so many castings that you can’t even reach all of them in the same day and there are times when you’re happy if you get even that one  lousy casting  a day. That’s why it’s essential to plan ahead and to do it well starting with your oh so important bag that can make the difference.

The best way of moving around a city like Milan is definitely public transport. It’s also relatively fast and you can get a monthly pass at a reasonable cost. Next item also very important, the public transport app, always open on your smartphone – who has become by now your bff. And away we go! Trust me, the planning part is crucial as you never know what you might bump into. Take for example the infinite lines of models that wait for you at some castings, you’d better be ready to “escape” to the next one by taking the fastest route.

No matter the weather conditions, whether  it’s blistering cold, wind or rain, snow or burning sun, a model has to look perfect and fresh, straight out of the beauty parlor ! Not so easy after a day of running all around the bustling city.


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